Chord Cases: The Kesha Case (Continued)

I promised not to leave you hanging forever, so here’s part two. If you’re confused, there’s no shame in re-listening to part one.

Guest: Brenton Hund, Senior Counsel & Head of Music Group at Turner

Sources: Rolling Stone, E! Online, Fox News Entertainment, The Hollywood Reporter

Music: Lexi Kelson


Mindful Music Concert Brings Awareness to Collegiate Mental Health

Concert: Mindful Music will take place on April 8, 2017 at Hendershot’s in Athens, GA. The show will feature acoustic music (originals and covers) as well as spoken word. One of the pieces is entitled “Grandpa Millennial,” and is “from the perspective of a millennial as a grandparent looking back. Instead of going to Vietnam, the war that they fought is mental illness,” says Jaydin Leslie.

Benefit: The Invisible Illnesses is a project started by Emily Torchiana in October 2016. Their mission statement: “The Invisible Illnesses looks to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health by providing a public platform for individuals who suffer from mental illnesses to share their stories and connect with others.”

Research: The study was conducted by the Center for Collegiate Mental Health and can be found in their 2016 Annual Report.


Guests: Jaydin Leslie, Samantha Gelfand

Music: Lexi Kelson