Dear Boy Announces New EP: Parts Of A Flower

Published by LA Music Blog on June 24, 2016

Once upon a time, alt-rock had a kid with ’90s British pop. Now that kid is all grown up, and he is your best friend. Yes, I’m talking about LAmb favorites Dear Boy.

In a world saturated by bubblegum pop and hipsters being hipster just for hipsters’ sake, bands like Dear Boy are breaths of fresh air. Their music is catchy, unique, and captivating, often in the space of just one song (not an easy feat). Get pumped because the LA act is releasing a brand new EP, Parts Of A Flower, on August 5th, and it boasts four tracks, including the single “Local Roses.”

“One of the reasons we named the EP Parts of a Flower is because these songs really showcase our DNA. The mix of our British influences and our own Southern California experience is really what defines the sound of this band,” explains lead vocalist Ben Grey.

Grey and his fellow band members (Keith Cooper, Austin Hayman, Nils Bue) will be hitting four venues in California this summer to promote the new record. One of the stops will be an EP release show at The Roxy on August 3. I say this because I love you: buy tickets RIGHT NOW.

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New Album Releases: July 22, 2016

Published by LA Music Blog on July 22, 2016

Here’s the deal. Everyone needs new music now and then to mix things up and surprise the ear drums. That’s where we come in — we’ve got ten albums for you to experience and chew on. Whether your thing is metal or folk, you won’t leave without a few new tracks.

Faun Fables – Born of the Sun
The musical power duo that is Dawn McCarthy and Nils Frykdahl has ended its five-year hiatus and re-embraced its wild spirit. This album exemplifies that quality with its eclectic mix of sounds and gypsy-like vibe.



Gap Dream – This Is Gap Dream
Compared to Gabe Fulvimar’s 2013 release, Shine Your Light, this album is a bit more intense. With its protesting lyrics and driving beat, the first single, “College Music,” gave us a taste of the twelve tracks we now get to devour.



Gucci Mane – Everybody Looking
After spending some time in jail in Indiana, the ATL rapper has a lot to say with his new music. His producer, Mike WiLL Made-It, describes him as “a machine” — he kept making music even during the time he was in jail. Features on the album include Kanye and Young Thug.

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Show Preview: Caught A Ghost @ The Echo

Published by LA Music Blog on July 29, 2016

After first catching everyone’s eye with 2014’s full-length album Human NatureCaught A Ghost has delivered once again with “If You Only Knew,” a new single that experiments with sampled vocals and gives fans a preview of the group’s forthcoming sophomore LP.

I had the chance to chat with Caught A Ghost frontman Jesse Nolan about that new record, his “secular gospel” style, and the band’s August 4th show at The Echo.

What is the story behind “If You Only Knew”?

It’s a song about trying to communicate with somebody, having a frustrating interaction with somebody that you’re in a relationship with. It’s like trying to get a feeling across to somebody and just having it not land.

I think often times in relationships people just talk past each other because we’re all fragile human beings with individual sets of wants and desires. You think you know somebody, but ultimately there’s a huge chasm between you and another human being that is difficult to navigate sometimes, and when you’re trying to communicate with somebody, sometimes it just falls short.

I wanted to see if I could capture that in the lyrics, and then I feel like the drop in the song captures that emotion while still being kind of groovy as well.

What does the new album sound like in comparison to your previous record?

I’ve always had a diversity of influences; that’s just something that is a Caught A Ghost thing because I don’t really think in terms of genres except to try to play with them. I’m always trying to offset the idea of genre whenever I can.

I was very inspired by Beck growing up in that respect. I always really liked that a Beck record would have so many different influences on it…so that’s always been an interest of mine and a project of mine. Sometimes it throws people for a loop, and they’re like, “What is this?!”

So I would say that there are a variety of influences. It tends to be a little bit more modern, less throwback than the first record. There’s not as much of the horns and the Motown vibe, but it still falls within the rubric of soul music — alt-indie-soul, however people want to brand it.

When I’m composing, I just follow whatever sounds are attractive to me at that point. I like pulling from other genres a lot. In the context of “If You Only Knew,” I’ve always been a fan of 808s, and I wanted to do something that was my take on it because I knew my voice would sound different over that kind of track bed than most people using them.

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How the Myers-Briggs Test Saved My Relationship with My Sister

Published by Lifehack on January 23, 2016

Once upon a time, an ENFP fell in love with an INTJ and followed her around until she agreed to marry him. Their letters combined to create two baby girls – another ENFP and an INFJ. As the children grew, their personalities and differences grew as well.

ENFP: Gosh you’re just too uptight.

INFJ: Wow I’m so organized.

ENFP: Can’t we sleep in and go to breakfast later?

INFJ: I have a busy agenda today so we need to leave by 8:27.

ENFP: Just relax.

INFJ: Get your act together!

I’m the INFJ. The ENFP? That’s my big sister.

I don’t get how her brain works. I really don’t. More often than not it drives me insane. How the heck does “be there at 1pm” morph into “show up at 1:30ish” inside her maze of a mind?

She doesn’t get how my brain works. She just doesn’t. Time and time again I’ve driven her all the way to and from and back down to crazy town. The way I love to stick to carefully arranged plans is something she can’t even begin to fathom.

Even though we share genes, parents, upbringings, and two out of four letters of our Myers-Briggs results, it doesn’t mean we understand each other. When you change one letter, the way the other letters operate shift. Plus, within the trait each letter represents, there are various versions.

The Myers-Briggs test operates on a spectrum.

It’s far from a yes or no question and answer kind of thing. Complex, right? And then you throw in the whole “every person is unique” thing, and BOOM – you don’t even understand your own flesh and blood.

Welcome to my life.

ENFP. INFJ. Apparently, they’re supposed to be super compatible personality types. My sister, being her typical people-pleasing ENFP self, would absolutely agree. She loves me.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my sister more than I could ever explain, but I wouldn’t exactly call us compatible. Maybe on a good day I’d call us semi-complementary. But we should never share an apartment. Someone’s head would get chopped off… and I’m pretty 100% sure I’d be the one holding the knife.

“Awwwwww you loveeeeeee me sooooo much!!”

That, plus a suffocating snuggle, was my sister’s response when I told her I was writing this. (Such an ENFP reaction.)

I laughed nervously as I pried her hands from my shoulders and explained how it’s about our differences…. our very, very, VERY different differences.

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22 Words You Didn’t Know Were Words

Published by Lifehack on April 8, 2016

Ever at a loss for words? Can’t find the perfect word to describe what you so desperately need to describe? Maybe you’re not so crazy after all and there actually is a word out there for you. Take a look at these lesser-known words to beef up your vocabulary skills.

1. Overmorrow

The day after or following tomorrow. Finally someone found the word we’ve all been looking for.

2. Ereyesterday

The day before yesterday. Finally someone found the other word we’ve all been looking for.

3. Defenestration

The action of throwing someone out of a window; the action of dismissing someone from a position of power or authority. It’s Latin and is devised by putting “de-” (down from) with “fenestra” (window).

4. Yerk

To beat vigorously (think: thrash); to attack or excite vigorously (think: goad). It comes from a Middle English word that means “to bind tightly.” Yerk is also in the bottom 40% of word popularity. Poor yerk.

5. Meretricious

Tawdrily and falsely attractive; superficially significant. Don’t confuse this one with delicious.

Tidbit from Merriam-Webster: “Meretricious can be traced back to the Latin verb merere, meaning ‘to earn, gain, or deserve.’ It shares this origin with a small group of other English words, including ‘merit, meritorious, and emeritus.’ But, while these words can suggest some degree of honor or esteem, ‘meretricious’ is used to suggest pretense, insincerity, and cheap or tawdry ornamentation.”

6. Proline

An alcohol-soluble amino acid occurring in high concentrations in collagen. Apparently, it’s just an alteration of the word “pyrrolidine.” Pretending to be a scientist is fun.

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How My Sister’s Eating Disorder Affected Me

Published by Spoon University on February 27, 2016

It was like secondhand smoke.

My sister is a model. I am not. Cue the apologies.

“Wow, that must be difficult for you.”

Yes, it is.

“I bet you two get compared a lot.”

Yes, we do.

But this is not a sob story, and it’s definitely not an attempt to get your pity. I’m writing this for the people who have been, are, or will be in my shoes.

Photo courtesy of Lance Kelson

Photo courtesy of Lance Kelson

When I was 13, my sister signed with a modeling agency and subsequently developed an eating disorder. She didn’t all of a sudden drop 20 pounds – hers was gradual. To people who saw her every day, she seemed completely normal. It was undetectable, even by our parents, for a while.

I, however, saw it all.
Not only am I her little sister (which automatically means I watch every single thing she does), but I also happen to be pretty observant and sponge-like.


I remember the day my sister switched to a smaller plate and started making salads instead of sandwiches. Slowly but surely, the salad toppings diminished, and before long, all that remained were a few bites.

I remember the post-agency visit tears and the abusive relationship with measuring tapes, scales, and mirrors. I remember the instructions from her doctor to buy her ice cream and cake and everything fattening. I remember the diet books, articles, and recipes that only masked her growing fixation with appearance.

I remember watching my best friend, the girl who taught me how to put on makeup and dance in the kitchen, wither away physically and emotionally. I saw her crumble under the literal weight of this world’s picture of perfection. It terrified me, and I couldn’t fix it.


So, staying true to my sponge-like nature, I soaked it all up.

Before too long, I switched to a smaller plate and chose a salad over a sandwich. I sat in on the meetings with the nutritionist and learned the difference between good and bad fats along with numerous other valuable nutritional tidbits.

I wasn’t developing an eating disorder, but I was getting confused.

The confusion reached a new level when my sister started using MyFitnessPal to track her macronutrients. While I think it’s a fantastic tool for people who need it (i.e. my sister or people with other health issues), I didn’t have the right context for it. To my black and white brain, it went hand-in-hand with an unhealthy attitude towards food.

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The Definitive Ranking of Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars by Taste

Published by Spoon University on April 4, 2016

Oh, the joys of opening a pack of Nature Valley’s crunchy granola bars. They may have a tooth-breaking, crumbly reputation, but you can’t deny their addictive power. After trying all nine flavors, I was reminded of just how delicious these bars are.

Photo by Helen Najjar

The best part? You’re bound to find a flavor that suits your style. But which one gets the gold medal? That’s what you’re about to find out.

9. Pecan Crunch

Photo by Gabi Rosenthal

As a pecan fanatic, I had high expectations for this last-place flavor. Maybe they were too high because I was definitely disappointed. It took quite a bit of concentration to pick out the pecan flavor, and even once I did, it was barely there. Honestly, it’s the fraternal twin of Oats ‘n Honey without as much honey.

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What UGA Majors to Choose If You Love Food More Than Flashcards

Published by Spoon University on December 8, 2015

If you’re a Georgia bulldawg who can’t stop eating, maybe you should consider changing your major (for the billionth time). Lucky for us, University of Georgia has quite a few options for students looking to hit the cookbooks.

Check out these majors, and see if any of them make you drool.

Agriscience & Environmental Systems

Photo courtesy of Douglas Bailey

Calling all farmers, tree huggers, and lab fanatics. This major is all about combining science and technology to solve agricultural problems. The CAES website recommends getting involved with community gardens and local food producers.

Farming operator, crop scout/consultant, and conservation/environmental technician are some of your career choices.

Consumer Foods

In this major, you’ll be examining how the various qualities of a food product influence someone’s willingness to eat it.

Cultural, geographic, and economic factors will be part of your study guide, too. Biology and chemistry are important but so are the social sciences (think: psychology & economics).

With this degree, you’re looking at a possible career in flavor chemistry, food marketing management, or product guidance/insight science.

Consumer Journalism

This one’s for all my fellow word gurus out there. Consumer journalism combines courses in FACS and Grady to give you the best of both worlds. If you’re a true foodie, pick the consumer foods emphasis to take classes like food theory, foodservice purchasing, and nutrition.

Assuming you go with the food focus (you should), you’re looking at nutrition/diet focused TV show producer, food magazine writer, and consumer food affair reporter as potential job titles.

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Which Athens Grocery Store is Your Soulmate?

Published by Spoon University on October 6, 2015

Make sure you’ve found the right one before you walk down the aisle.

There are so many shops for all of your foodie needs here in Athens that it can be tough to pick just one. Share a little bit of your food journal with us, and we’ll direct you to the perfect grocery store guaranteed to satisfy your stomach and taste buds. You can thank us later.

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