Let me tell you a story.

I was born a sponge. Whether it’s a TV show or a parking lot incident, my own emotions or someone else’s, I soak it all up.

But the thing about sponges is that they release everything they’ve taken in. I do that too.

Absorb, express, repeat.

Instead of squeezing out water into the sink, I express through music and words. Manipulating the alphabet and musical scale is my favorite way to speak. Let me tell you about those two loves of my life:


Even at the age of five when my fingers first hit the keys, I knew music would always play a huge role in my life. I’m a singer/songwriter who plays piano, guitar and ukulele (my instruments are my best friends). Studios feel like home after writing, arranging and recording a six-song EP in Atlanta and interning at Chase Park Transduction in Athens. My passion covers all aspects of the industry from production to publishing. Being a part of the Music Business Program at the University of Georgia (Terry College of Business) helps me hone my skills and turn my passion into a career. My piano-loving extremities were missing their buds Bach and Mozart, so now I’m a music minor in the Hugh Hodgson School of Music as well.


As a journalism student at the University of Georgia (Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication), I’m trained in how to make a mark with my words. In addition to my classes, I write for Spoon University, an online food publication targeting 18-25 year olds and Vinyl Mag, an online music publication full of interviews and music reviews. Over the 2016 summer, I was an editorial assistant for LA Music Blog where I crafted articles & social media posts to promote artists, shows and ticket giveaways. WordPress, SEO and Hootsuite are familiar friends to me. I’ve also written album reviews as part of the music staff at UGA’s radio station – WUOG 90.5.

Those are the ways to and of my heart, and now I’m turning them into my career.

Absorb, express, repeat.

See? I told you I’m a sponge.

Lexi Kelson – LinkedIn


  1. I’m simultaneously left-brained and right-brained (superpower #1).
  2. I find to-do lists more attractive than Chris Pine. Be still my heart.
  3. I can recite pi to 28 digits (superpower #2).
  4. Just the thought of eating raw meat/fish stresses me out.
  5. I’m an INFJ – the rarest of all Myers-Briggs personality types.