Show Preview: Caught A Ghost @ The Echo

Published by LA Music Blog on July 29, 2016

After first catching everyone’s eye with 2014’s full-length album Human NatureCaught A Ghost has delivered once again with “If You Only Knew,” a new single that experiments with sampled vocals and gives fans a preview of the group’s forthcoming sophomore LP.

I had the chance to chat with Caught A Ghost frontman Jesse Nolan about that new record, his “secular gospel” style, and the band’s August 4th show at The Echo.

What is the story behind “If You Only Knew”?

It’s a song about trying to communicate with somebody, having a frustrating interaction with somebody that you’re in a relationship with. It’s like trying to get a feeling across to somebody and just having it not land.

I think often times in relationships people just talk past each other because we’re all fragile human beings with individual sets of wants and desires. You think you know somebody, but ultimately there’s a huge chasm between you and another human being that is difficult to navigate sometimes, and when you’re trying to communicate with somebody, sometimes it just falls short.

I wanted to see if I could capture that in the lyrics, and then I feel like the drop in the song captures that emotion while still being kind of groovy as well.

What does the new album sound like in comparison to your previous record?

I’ve always had a diversity of influences; that’s just something that is a Caught A Ghost thing because I don’t really think in terms of genres except to try to play with them. I’m always trying to offset the idea of genre whenever I can.

I was very inspired by Beck growing up in that respect. I always really liked that a Beck record would have so many different influences on it…so that’s always been an interest of mine and a project of mine. Sometimes it throws people for a loop, and they’re like, “What is this?!”

So I would say that there are a variety of influences. It tends to be a little bit more modern, less throwback than the first record. There’s not as much of the horns and the Motown vibe, but it still falls within the rubric of soul music — alt-indie-soul, however people want to brand it.

When I’m composing, I just follow whatever sounds are attractive to me at that point. I like pulling from other genres a lot. In the context of “If You Only Knew,” I’ve always been a fan of 808s, and I wanted to do something that was my take on it because I knew my voice would sound different over that kind of track bed than most people using them.

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