Dear Boy Announces New EP: Parts Of A Flower

Published by LA Music Blog on June 24, 2016

Once upon a time, alt-rock had a kid with ’90s British pop. Now that kid is all grown up, and he is your best friend. Yes, I’m talking about LAmb favorites Dear Boy.

In a world saturated by bubblegum pop and hipsters being hipster just for hipsters’ sake, bands like Dear Boy are breaths of fresh air. Their music is catchy, unique, and captivating, often in the space of just one song (not an easy feat). Get pumped because the LA act is releasing a brand new EP, Parts Of A Flower, on August 5th, and it boasts four tracks, including the single “Local Roses.”

“One of the reasons we named the EP Parts of a Flower is because these songs really showcase our DNA. The mix of our British influences and our own Southern California experience is really what defines the sound of this band,” explains lead vocalist Ben Grey.

Grey and his fellow band members (Keith Cooper, Austin Hayman, Nils Bue) will be hitting four venues in California this summer to promote the new record. One of the stops will be an EP release show at The Roxy on August 3. I say this because I love you: buy tickets RIGHT NOW.

Read full article on LA Music Blog


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