Album Review: Singing Saw (Kevin Morby)

Singing Saw is Kevin Morby’s third solo album, and proves that he only continues to improve his craft. The indie rocker uses prominent bass lines and even some brass (“I Have Been to the Mountain”) to showcase his diverse music abilities. His relaxed style of delivering lyrics makes the songs feel more intimate instead of overdone. “Singing Saw,” “Water” and “Black Flowers” reveal an old country influence with their instrumentation, production and vocal twang. If chill, vibey ballads are your cup of tea, “Drunk and On a Star” will be your new best friend. If you’re looking for some synth rock with unexpected surprises (hint: tempo changes), check out “Dorothy.” Morby gets emotional on the ballad “Ferris Wheel” that features just his vocal with a piano. At least one of the songs on Singing Saw is bound to get stuck in your head and draw you back again and again.

Artist: Kevin Morby

Album: Singing Saw

Label: Dead Oceans

FCC: Clean


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