Album Review: High Dreamer (Kylie Odetta)

With High Dreamer, Kylie Odetta breaks away from her previous production-heavy sound and delivers five simple and beautiful tracks. Her signature emotional lyrics are coupled with commercially viable melodies and grounding piano parts. The title track, “High Dreamer,” showcases her ability to deliver haunting melodies and capture a cinematic feel in just over four minutes. “When It Rains” is in a similar vein and makes you feel like Odetta is looking right in your eyes as she sings. Between the production, smooth vocals and perfectly constructed chorus on “Sweet Innocence,” this song could compete with the top pop songs. In contrast, “Can’t Erase It” is a bluesy, soulful ballad with hints of Norah Jones and Duffy, proving that Odetta can’t be contained in a pop or indie box. She closes her album out by going completely acoustic on “Let Me Love You.” It’s jazzy and romantic with a beautifully executed vocal. High Dreamer surely brings many new fans to her well-earned and deserved following.

Artist: Kylie Odetta

Album: High Dreamer – EP

FCC: Clean


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