Album Review: The Gates (Young Empires)

Young Empires may have started in 2009, but waiting until 2015 to debut their first full-length album proves that slow and steady wins the race. The Gates opens with “Mercy,” a powerful and intense track followed by the dance-worthy and oh so modern title track, “The Gates.” The trio hails from Toronto and blends the indie pop, electronic and alternative dance genres to create their unique sound. Some tracks, like “So Cruel” and “Sunshine”, mix pieces of the signature ‘80s sound with modern electronic elements to bridge the gap between throwback and current. The simple melody in “Stranglehold” will stick with you for at least a few days. With “Never Die Young,” Young Empires displays their versatility and ability to pull off a harder, alternative rock sound. The album ends with “Uncover Your Eyes” which is arguably the most commercial song and could perfectly underscore the ending of a movie.

Artist: Young Empires

Album: The Gates

Label: Pirates Blend

FCC: Clean


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