Why Heirloom Cafe Should Be Your Next Athens Brunch Stop

Published by Spoon University on October 19, 2015

Located in the Boulevard neighborhood off of North Chase Street, Heirloom Cafe and Fresh Market feels like a secret garden for hipster fairies.

It’s driven by local farmers and treasured family heirloom recipes (hence the name). Are you getting the vintage vibes yet?

As soon as I parked, I felt hip just by association. But don’t worry ironically non-hipster hipsters… Heirloom definitely doesn’t try too hard to be hip. It’s just naturally cool like that.

Photo by Gabi Rosenthal

In addition to the for-sale artwork hanging on the walls, Heirloom makes a point to feature some local producers — GA Olive Farms olive oil, 1000 Faces coffee, Lauri Jo’s pineapple jelly, and Phickles Pickles.

Photo courtesy of heirloomathens.com

Major bonus points for the outdoor seating arrangement. If Athens ever gives us a sunny day, enjoy your local food outside on Heirloom’s patio. Soak up some sun and good vibes.

Now for the best part… the food. Oh, the glorious food.

Photo by Gabi Rosenthal

I’m a lentil fan so the veggie burger spoke to me on a spiritual level. If you don’t like to hang with lentils, ordering this might just convert you to a lentil worshipper.

The tender and flavorful lentil pecan patty is sandwiched between a bun from Atlanta’s H&F Bread Co. and smothered in tomato shiitake jam plus some of Creature Comforts’ Athena mustard. And don’t forget about the arugula and cheese packed in there, too. Individually, each component is great. But all together? Dream team.

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