What UGA Majors to Choose If You Love Food More Than Flashcards

Published by Spoon University on December 8, 2015

If you’re a Georgia bulldawg who can’t stop eating, maybe you should consider changing your major (for the billionth time). Lucky for us, University of Georgia has quite a few options for students looking to hit the cookbooks.

Check out these majors, and see if any of them make you drool.

Agriscience & Environmental Systems

Photo courtesy of Douglas Bailey

Calling all farmers, tree huggers, and lab fanatics. This major is all about combining science and technology to solve agricultural problems. The CAES website recommends getting involved with community gardens and local food producers.

Farming operator, crop scout/consultant, and conservation/environmental technician are some of your career choices.

Consumer Foods

In this major, you’ll be examining how the various qualities of a food product influence someone’s willingness to eat it.

Cultural, geographic, and economic factors will be part of your study guide, too. Biology and chemistry are important but so are the social sciences (think: psychology & economics).

With this degree, you’re looking at a possible career in flavor chemistry, food marketing management, or product guidance/insight science.

Consumer Journalism

This one’s for all my fellow word gurus out there. Consumer journalism combines courses in FACS and Grady to give you the best of both worlds. If you’re a true foodie, pick the consumer foods emphasis to take classes like food theory, foodservice purchasing, and nutrition.

Assuming you go with the food focus (you should), you’re looking at nutrition/diet focused TV show producer, food magazine writer, and consumer food affair reporter as potential job titles.

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