The Best Snacks to Beat Writer’s Block According to a Professional Writer

Published by Spoon University on November 20, 2015

Creative blocks are real. Whether the attack happens on page four of an eight-page paper or paralyzes you at a brainstorming session, it’s victimized us all.

So, I had a chat with Hannah Brencher and snagged some nuggets of gold on how to munch your way to a creative breakthrough.

But why should you listen to this chic’s advice? Time for a qualification talent show.

She founded The World Needs More Love Letters, a non-profit dedicated to leaving letters of love all over the world for humans from around the globe. Plus, she wrote a book about it (grab a copy to feel all the feels) and has a blog full of posts guaranteed to make your heart burst.

Not only is she a TED speaker and a spokesperson for USPS, but she’s also been featured in publications like Oprah, Glamour, and The Wall Street Journal.

But the most important qualification? She’s a foodie. And she likes food puns.


Now listen to your new BFF’s advice, and try her must-have foods to get those creative juices flowing.

Spoon: What foods do you keep around for when you need to get those creative juices flowing?

HB: I make kale all the time. It’s my favorite go-to food, and I roast it. Sometimes I’ll make popcorn on the stove… that’s a favorite of mine. I really like easy to eat fruit whether that’s grapes or an apple. I’m always eating Lärabars. I eat way too many Lärabars. 

Read full article on Spoon University


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