How To Manage Your Hanger (Anger + Hunger)

This post goes out to all my fellow college kids. If you’re not one of us, you’ll still like this post and should 100% keep reading. It will probably be helpful to you, too. BUT. I’m specifically dedicating these words to my 18-25 year-old sleep deprived night owls residing in over-priced college apartments.

School is almost back in session.

Oh joy. Some of you may have already decorated your room and gotten cozy while others are still in the double-digit countdown. Regardless, you need to read this post.

Food is important, okay? I’m not talking about hot pockets and ramen and macaroni & cheese. I’m talking about the stuff that’s actually good for you and pays off when you pull that all-nighter. What you put in your body MATTERS. It matters A LOT.

I know, I know… it’s just tooooooooo tempting when you pass by that donut in the dining hall. Or, maybe it’s the ice cream machine that’s always calling your name. Plus, who has time to actually cook?! Fast is essential, and no one really has the brain cells to make a healthy decision let alone follow through with it.

Friends: there ‘s a way to combat this stress-eating sugar-loving instant gratification culture we live in.

I call it ‘Hanger Management.’

I get hangry (angry + hungry = hangry). But it’s about time we deal with our hanger. No more stuffing it down with some French fries and a piece of cake.

I’ve created a template for us. Each category is a meal (breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, dessert) with sub-categories depending on how much time you have. Some can be make-ahead or microwavable while others can be for the days when you have a few extra minutes and actually feel like  putting all those hours spent on Pinterest to use. At the end, you’ll find “Shopping Cart Staples.” These are the necessities – the coffee, milk, bread, and protein bars of the world.

The concept: If you have a list planned out ahead of time with a range of food options, chances are you’ll pick something on there instead of grabbing a McDonald’s not-so-happy meal.

Download this PDF, get on Pinterest, and take a few minutes to write down meal ideas. I’ve also added the one I created for myself (it even has a few links to recipes). Feel free to copy & paste & bookmark & pin to your little heart’s desire.

Let’s end world hanger.

Hanger Management – TEMPLATE

Hanger Management – Lex



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