Name Tags Freak Me Out

I never know what to write in them.

I end up writing one name, scratching it out, writing another one, scratching that one out, and then pretty soon it’s crumpled in my fist leaving no indication on how to address me.

No, I don’t have multiple personality disorder.

I have a few different names. Although my birth certificate claims I’m “Alexis Elise Kelson”, my parents decided to stray from their original pick pretty much from the moment I was born. To them, and everyone else, I’ve always been Lexi. But then I went through a middle-school/hormone/tween induced identity crisis and tried being Alexis Elise. Fancy, right?

Yea, well, that didn’t last long. Turns out it’s quite a mouthful.

After going back to Lexi for a bit, my friends and I got lazy and dropped the i. That one little vowel takes up way too much time and energy anyways. Lex it was. And that’s stuck pretty well. But not for everyone.

Now? I’ve given up. You can call me whatever the heck you want. Seriously. Throw together any combination of letters, scribble it on a nametag, and slap it on me. (Just don’t call me Alex, though. I’m really not an Alex – it doesn’t fit. I swear – I’ve tried it.)

Nice to meet you, [insert your name here].

You may have a freakishly long name that puts my nametag struggles to shame. Or, maybe it can always be found on a keychain. Maybe your name is ever-changing/shortening like mine. Whatever the case, I, whatever my name is, am glad you’re here.



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